Media & Press
Who makes all your goods?
Poorwill is a one person show operated by yours truly, Jess. Hey, hello! All materials are sourced raw, and hand cut, stamped, burnished, sewn and waxed in my Bay Area workshop.
What is small batch and how does it work?
A small batch is a limited production run of one item. Once a small batch has gone through, it may not ever come back into production. So these goods are very limited! Orders are collected during the first two weeks of a small batch launch. Once that is closed, then two to three weeks of production begins. Orders are shipped out as they are finished.
What happens if I miss a pre-order?
You can put email a request that the item be produced as part of another small batch run at a later date. If enough people request an item, then there's a better chance of it getting produced again!
Why is the leather so pink?
Only premium, full grain natural veg-tan leather is used on Poorwill goods. This means the leather isn't dyed, and is thick, durable, and natural. Veg-tan leather will soften and darken with age. Rubbing a little bit of leather conditioner or olive oil will darken the leather. But the best way to get it dark is to go out and use it!
Fabric Wax Ingredients?
I always make our fabric wax by hand in small batches. It's made from all natural ingredients, the main one being beeswax sourced from a local Oakland CA bee farm. I also add jojoba oil, soy wax and food grade paraffin to the beeswax to create the best consistency, water repellant ability, and wear.
Fabric Care & Maintenance

No need to “baby” any of the products. In fact: the more you abuse them, the better they tend to look. We take great pride in making quality goods that don’t just last forever but get better with age.


  • Machine wash waxed fabric or leather items.
  • Use detergent, bleach, or any other environmentally harmful chemical
  • Dry clean


  • Spot clean: Use a small bristle brush (or an old toothbrush, maybe your ex's?) to brush away and dried messes or dirt. Use a clean damp (water only, no soap) to wipe away newer messes. 
Leather Care & Maintenance
  • For the leather straps and details specifically, moisturize occasionally using leather save oils or balms to prevent the leather from drying out and/or cracking
  • If your bag gets seriously disgusting, feel free to send me an email describing your special case and I’ll do my best to get the problem resolved.
  • Or, you can just let it be. It’s part of the whole individual character spiel.
  • Do you wholesale, take commissions, private label?
             Shoot me an email with all the details to thepoorwillway@gmail.com