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Bougie wall art, for when you need to spice up a wall and/or create that feel good mood/vibe. :P The range of blue hues on each of these are super sweet.   
  • Cotton-linen blend fabric, dip-dyed in natural indigo
    • Inspired by Japanese resist-dyeing techniques, like Shibori
  • Hand-washed, pressed, hemmed, and wrapped around a natural wooden dowel
  • Knotted poly-paracord keeps it light-weight and easy to display just about anywhere: mine lives next to my workshop table & “flows” in the breeze. :)
    • NOTE: As with all indigo dip-dyed goods, these bougie wall art pieces can “crock” or “bleed” whenever there’s some friction. So, display your bougie wall art with that in mind. 

    This bougie wall art piece measures approximately 24” tall x 17” wide, with a drop height of about 5”, top of knotted poly-paracord to wooden dowel (18” X 1/2”)

    B A T C H - M A D E: Sold out? Hype me up, let me know you want a restock. I tend to make goods in batches; so, if you let me know you want it, I tend to make more of that. :)

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    + Please allow 3-4 days for your order to be packaged & shipped.

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